Winner: The Five Wishes of Mr. Murray McBride by Joe Siple

  • Children’s – YA

Winner: My Dog Named Hope written by Joe Dean, illustrated by Lauren Curwick
Runner-Up: How Flynn the Loh’li Conquered His Fears written by A.R. Morris, illustrated by Rachel Sharp

  • Horror

Winner: The Tracker by John Hunt
Runner-Up: The Muse by Arjay Lewis

  • Literary - Romance

Winner: Veil of Walls by Patricia Panahi
Runner-Up: In Grace’s Time by Kathie Giorgio

  • Mystery - Detective

Winner: K-Town Confidential by Brad Chisholm & Claire H. Kim
Runner-Up: Blind Eye by Meg Lelvis

  • Non-Fiction

Winner: My Sister, My Daughter, and Me by Shirley Rose Webb
Runner-Up: Postgraduate Studies in Motherhood by Helen Trepelkov

  • SciFi - Fantasy

Winner: Gaelan’s War by Thaddeus McGrath
Runner-Up: The One Apart by Justine Avery

  • Suspense - Thriller

Winner: Kind Nepenthe by Matthew Brockmeyer
Runner-Up: Runway Dreams: A Black & White Affair by T.K. Ambers

  • Young Adult

Winner: What the Valley Knows by Heather Christie
Runner-Up: Charley’s Horse by Judith Shaw