• Children’s – YA

Winner: Perfectly Precious Poohlicious by Mary Jackson, Thornton Cline, & Alice Antimie
“The illustrations, the tenderness of the story, and the music all mix together for a beautiful children’s read.” –Maxy Awards
Runner-Up: My Lonely Room by John A. Vikara
“Indulge yourself by feeling what’s it like to grow up in the 50s. A perfectly painted YA novel.” –Maxy Awards

  • Fiction

Winner: Women Within by Anne Leigh Parrish
“Stand up women everywhere! Fantastic and inspirational.” –Maxy Awards
Runner-Up: Difficult Lies by Christopher T. Werkman
“A life-changing story that digs deep into the psychological, and tells us that through all trials and tribulations, there’s a chance for a positive outlook.” –Maxy Awards

  • Horror

Winner: Memoirs of Murder by Brad A. Braddock
“Revisit an old classic! A fresh perspective on Zombie horror.” –Maxy Awards
Runner-Up: Tasted: The Lady Graves by Michael Bommer
“Not just another vampire novel! The ultimate internal conflict of doing good or spreading evil.” –Maxy Awards

  • Literary

Winner: The Garrington Garden by Benjamin Lederer
“Author Benjamin Lederer’s writing relates to the reader, and carries an impactful message.” –Maxy Awards
Runner-Up: When I Was Seven by Mary Ellen Bramwell
“Simply delightful! An intelligent view through a young boy’s eyes, triumph and twists.” –Maxy Awards

  • Mystery – Detective

Winner: Bailey’s Law by Meg Lelvis
“A true mystery for any reader, with enough clues to stay thoroughly engaged, but not enough leads to solve the brilliant ending!” –Maxy Awards
Runner-Up: Compelled by Inge-Lise Goss
“This is what a murder story should be. Bonus, a supernatural element.” –Maxy Awards

  • Non-Fiction

Winner: You’ll Do Anything For Him by Dr. Maureen E. Hosier & Berta Hosier Conger
“Eye-opening, satisfying, enlightening. A very well written and precise look at relationships and how we sacrifice our own feelings for the mutual benefit.” –Maxy Awards
Runner-Up: My Brother’s Keeper by Wendy Mac Ewan Kroger
“A testament on what we can endure, and the challenges we can overcome when out of other options. A compelling read.” –Maxy Awards 

  • SciFi – Fantasy

Winner: Tegen Justice by Inge-Lise Goss
“Action anyone? It never ends in Goss’s sci-fi crime thriller, every page is worth reading.” –Maxy Awards
Runner-Up: The Emblem Throne by Jeffrey L. Kohanek
“An excellent fantasy series with unforgettable heroes and witty magic.” –Maxy Awards

  • Suspense – Thriller

Winner: The Ice Maiden by B.D. Smith
“The best mystery-thriller of 2017, hands down!” –Maxy Awards
Runner-Up: Beleaguered Truth by William P. Messenger
“Book two in an intense thriller series with strong political characters and an underlying impact.” –Maxy Awards