• Children’s – YA

Winner: The Whispering of Trees by C.Y. Bourgeois
“The Whispering of Trees would make an authentic addition to the 100 young adult books to read in a lifetime.” –Maxy Awards
Runner-Up: One Creepy Street: The Spider on the Web by Lee Jordan
“The illustrations bring safety and awareness to full light in this colorful children’s educational book.” –Maxy Awards

  • Fiction

Winner: The Prayer Rug by H.M. Hymas
“A triumphant mirroring of how international conflict between Middle East countries and the U.S. can very much affect those lives closest to war and run deep.” –Maxy Awards
Runner-Up: HoneyLee’s Girl by G.K. Wuori
“Rich characters revolving around murder, and a web well spun by strong writing.” –Maxy Awards

  • Horror

Winner: A Fractured Conjuring by Martin Reaves
“Exactly what horror should be… frightful, eerie, and unpredictable!” –Maxy Awards
Runner-Up: The Devil’s Vial by Byron Brumbaugh
“A challenging feast for the authors’ characters and their own moral agendas, making for an absorbing read.” –Maxy Awards

  • Literary

Winner: Wild Raspberries by Connie Chappell
“Chappell does a wondrous job allowing her words speak for her characters, immersing the reader in scenes where dialogue would have typically done the trick.” –Maxy Awards
Runner-Up: The Art of Nauga Farming by Pat Grieco
“The Art of Nauga Farming is a rare presentation filled with continuous laughter and a welcome addition amidst so many serious books.” –Maxy Awards

  • Mystery – Detective

Winner: Yearning by R.C. Knipstein
“A fierce mystery with detective work that reminds one of James Lee Burke novels.” –Maxy Awards
Runner-Up: Murder in the Shade of Crimson by R. Sonja Lecotte
“A murder-mystery that grabs and grips, the attention of the reader, of course!” –Maxy Awards

  • Non-Fiction

Winner: Pleasant Valley Lost by Joseph J. Swope
“A tragic memoir, yet surprisingly witty and humorous. Certain to bring back memories and cause reflection.” –Maxy Awards
Runner-Up: Nazis and Nudists by David Haldane
“Haldane showcases his writing skills in retelling poor decisions and questionable judgment, which only enhances a great read!” –Maxy Awards 

  • SciFi – Fantasy

Winner: The Gopher and The Erstwhile Wizard by J.L. Rallios
“A pleasant and quirky read, where the dialogue between gopher and wizard is priceless. The characters are lovable and unforgettable.” –Maxy Awards
Runner-Up: Wayne’s Angel by Ron W. Mumford
“Stimulating and suspenseful. It’s time for Mumford to write another.” –Maxy Awards

  • Suspense – Thriller

Winner: Banished Threads by Kaylin McFarren
“A beautifully written love story with so much more. One of the best of the year, and a series worth diving into!” –Maxy Awards
Runner-Up: Cisco Bandits by Inge-Lise Goss
“Cisco Bandits is full of action, taking undercover work to greater heights and keeping the reader guessing a storyline lurking around every corner.” –Maxy Awards