Book Entry Categories for Maxy Awards

  • Best Children's Book - Overall best fully-illustrated book with a great story or message. 
  • Best Horror - Overall best horror novel for the year.
  • Best Literary/Romance - Overall best literary, mainstream, or romance novel of the year.
  • Best Mystery/Detective - Overall best mystery and detective novel for the year. 
  • Best Non-Fiction - Overall best non-fiction book (biography, memoirs, historical, sports, etc...) for the year.
  • Best Sci-Fi/Fantasy - Overall best science fiction and fantasy novel for the year. 
  • Best Suspense-Thriller - Overall best suspense-thriller novel for the year. 
  • Best Young Adult - Overall best young adult reader for the year. 

*One Book from the eight categories will when the overall Maxy Awards "Book of the Year." (Grand prize to be announced)

Enter today, your book can be submitted in one or more of the above categories.